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My fifth hotel in ten days — three in Virginia, one in New York City, one in North Carolina. These nights have been punctuated by stays at my parents’ house in New York and my apartment in Asheville, NC, whose lease expired on the thirty-first of July.

Current location is Christiansburg, Virginia, not too far from the place I’ll be moving into next week. Most of my earthly possessions are in a six by ten foot enclosure in a storage facility in the mountainous outer regions of this town fifteen minutes or so from the Affordable Corporate Suites. I have two TVs, two computers and two stringed instruments with me. One plastic suitcase full of cotton clothing. I’m alone.

This week I’ll be trying to finish up writing that I surely won’t have time for during the school year, organize the final leg of this migration (which involves moving my stuff from Christiansburg to the nearby town of Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech and yours truly for the next four years), and relish the remains of summer (which means something to me, unlike most of my friends, because unlike them I’m still in school).

Here are some of the best things I’ve read recently:

Surveillance, Spectacle and the Panoptic State — one of the more interesting results from a quick search for “spirituality and surveillance.” I’ve been thinking a lot about the connections between the two since HOPE …

Our Fairytales, Ourselves: Storytelling From East To West — good for fans of:  Joseph Campbell, Haruki Murakami, Hayao Miyazaki, aesthetic wonder, aesthetics as ethics, aesthetic solutions. Maybe not good for: die-hard Hero’s Journey adherents; fans of Curious George, Disney Movies or Jane Austen.

Drone Feminism: When Feminists Get A Drone  — did you know Sheryl Sandberg consulted for The Marines?

I also want to tell everybody how much I like Harold Budd’s The White Arcades. Pretty close to what music from an astral plane would sound like, even more so than the Incredible String Band’s Astral Plane Theme (which is also worth a listen).

If I do what I’m supposed to be doing, a more interesting post is forthcoming.

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