spirituality and surveillance

Turns out, a lot of people have been thinking, writing, and preaching (!) about the connections between spirituality and surveillance for some time now.

I found a podcast of a sermon given by Unitarian Universalist Reverend M. Lara Hoke a few years ago. She’s asking people of faith to use their belief system as the basis for questioning government surveillance.

Aside from her ministry work, Hoke is a former government agent and current member of Veterans For Peace (which is an awesome nonprofit). Good stuff in this sermon:

“For those of us who believe in God, there are far more sophisticated theologies than ‘God is watching, so act right.’  And for those of us who want to be good citizens and good human beings, there are more sophisticated and important reasons to act morally than the knowledge that we are under surveillance. I don’t know if it’s in our best interest to act as if though God were there, but I do know that it’s in our best interest to not let our government get away with playing God.” 

But you should really listen to the whole thing.

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