entertaining the fantasy of complete psychological self-sufficiency

“I conceived of a rather odd project: not the evolution of sexual
behavior but the projection of a history of the link between the
obligation to tell the truth and the prohibitions against sexuality. I
asked: How had the subject been compelled to decipher himself in
regard to what was forbidden? It is a question of the relation
between asceticism and truth.

Max Weber posed the question: If one wants to behave
rationally and regulate one’s action according to true principles,
what part of one’s self should one renounce? What is the ascetic
price of reason? To what kind of asceticism should one submit? I
posed the opposite question: How have certain kinds of
interdictions required the price of certain kinds of knowledge
about oneself? What must one know about oneself in order to be
willing to renounce anything?”

— Michel Foucault, from “Technologies of the Self”


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