Hello! I’m Emma Stamm. Welcome to my website.

I’m a PhD candidate in ASPECT and instructor in the Political Science department at Virginia Tech. My research is interdisciplinary, spanning political theory, continental philosophy and STS. My dissertation addresses the epistemic impact of computation by exploring the use of digital methods in research on psychedelic drugs.

My curriculum vitae is available as a PDF at this link.

My freelance writing has appeared in The New Inquiry, Real Life Mag, Commune2600: The Hacker Quarterly and more. Links to select recent publications.

I also play music. Every now and then, there’s a show. Here’s my Bandcamp.

I’m on Twitter @turing_tests. Academic materials, including conference presentations and course syllabi, are at academia.edu.

You may contact me via email: stamm@vt.edu.

Thank you for visiting!