These conversations unfold across a variety of registers, from dedications, quotations, and direct address to visionary conjurings of another poet’ s presence. Here is one such nexus, extracted from Mara Larrosa’ s poem ‘For Mario Santiago’ and Santiago Papasquiaro’ s untitled poem beginning ‘Mariana Larrosa appears’


Larrosa: We have all been calling each other with the noise of totally open mouths believing that each one of us from the outside in were 10,000 men.

Santiago Papasquiaro: 1 branch of dates hangs between her mouth & mine / 1 hammock of crayons / ready to color 1,000 throats

Larrosa: Serving myself tejocote fruits, streams of skeleton, mute knots of street bodies newborn to an Iron Age.

Santiago Papasquiaro: you can barely jump over you can barely approach on your hands & knees the barbed wire fence covered in arrow signs pointing to the closest post-mortem hotels

Larrosa: That’ s why we first set out to buy sweets waiting to find other things and of course we never found them; we set out to see the stone, elbows bare to the sun, we licked everything, they licked. It was a different love…

Santiago Papasquiaro: the honeymoons or chewing-gum moons or moons of stuffed squash that say they blossom & become presence

Larrosa: …to love a life that we ourselves might make with our own liquids.

Santiago Papasquiaro: with this movement this sweat this gesturet hat trembles smiles gets hot / for all I know I see her

Larrosa: I see you all along the open windows I see you all through the people who live as if there were no dancers…

Santiago Papasquiaro: Mariana Larrosa appears drummer of her own dance — hemp-sprung from her singular inimitable swing


(from this paper about infrarealist poetry)