Hi, I’m Emma Stamm. Welcome to my website.

I am an interdisciplinary scholar working in critical theory, philosophy of technology, and STS. My dissertation (excerpt here) looks at the epistemic assumptions underlying the use of digital methods in today’s psychedelic research. At present, I’m working on a monograph which takes psychedelic science as a critical lens on automated knowledge production.

Most of my writing is academic, but I also like to publish for a wider readership and across genres. E.g., personal reflections, experimental prose, cultural/political criticism, and fiction.

I make music too. My old Bandcamp account is linked under “etc.”

Since Fall 2021, I’ve served as Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University. Here’s a newish (ca. May 2022) video where some friends and I discuss technological capitalism.

I’m on academia.edu (link here) and Discord @14floating / #8496. My email address is emma.stamm@villanova.edu. Thank you!