Hello! I’m Emma Stamm. I am a scholar working at the intersection of Philosophy of Technology, STS, and Critical Theory. My research interests include digital epistemology, the political economy of data, and how datafication is impacting the field of psychedelic medicine. I teach in the Department of Philosophy at Villanova University as Visiting Assistant Professor and recently held appointments in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU and the Department of History at Virginia Tech. I also publish in non-academic outlets, with recent bylines at Vice Motherboard, The New Inquiry, and Real Life Magazine. In my free time, I write fiction, poetry, and music for piano.

My professional website has lived here for a number of years, but I’ve removed most of the content as I rebuild it. I’m not sure when a new site will be ready, but I also don’t mind the minimalism. For now, here are a few links. Five and six aren’t related to my academic pursuits (at least not yet?):

  1. My CV;
  2. Select publications;
  3. Syllabi for courses at NYU and Virginia Tech;
  4. A curated list of resources that have helped me throughout my career;
  5. My Medium account;
  6. & some of the music I make.

I like hearing from people interested in what I’m doing — you can email me at stamm@vt.edu.

 Thank you for visiting!