Miracle Jones circus fiction hell!

Mark Fisher’s K-Punk, “Required reading for a generation”— aesthetics, politics, outsider status.

Ariana Reines, Poet, astrologer and tarot consultant, unambiguous witch and lazy eye haver. I also like her series at Artforum, SUNRISE

Strukturiss, “Meditations on Hardwares, Softwares, and Wetwares.” My friend writes this anonymously, it is good and you should read it.

Masha Tupitsyn Film critic, critical theorist, fiction writer, New School instructor, European Graduate School person, self-declared hopeless romantic.

Technoccult, “A General Interest Blog For Weirdos”

Peli Grietzer on Medium. Autoencoding, aesthetics, vibe theories, machine learning, mathematically informed literary theory. I guess he’s writing a book now too.

Glass Bead only publishes good stuff. Like Matteo Pasquinelli and Reza Negarestani

Marginal Utility, the most-most antisocial media

This website and organization about psychedelics is not a blog

Mute Magazine is also not a blog

Richard Doyle’s website. Posts on language philosophy, rhetoric, psychedelics, computer programming and personal transformations from a guy who believes in the noösphere

Blue Lenses, by cult/horror film critic Alexandra Heller-Nichols

Nina Power , a Marxist feminist, says hi to her mum

★ more to come ★