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health talk

“Starting from no fixed place I soon came, while preparing this paper for a foreign society, to my surprise, to the right not to communicate. This was a protest from the core of me to the frightening fantasy of being infinitely exploited. In another language this would be the fantasy of being eaten or swallowed […]

world music

“In a crowded room I looked for you In a sea of people I’m all out of hope And I’ve looked so hard I’m all out of hope And I’ve looked so hard In a crowded world I looked for you Through a sea of people How can you sleep When you’ve worked so hard? […]

freaked out / afraid

Life itself as base, profane, material, reified, Earthly, earthly, grotesque, transparent, brazen, manifest, grounded, concrete, real, obtuse, open. Fear of the real, fear of the body, the material, the committed, the law, the inviolate, the principle, the fixed, the One. Maybe illness and disability don’t freak us out because they remind us of death, but because […]


Hi, I’m Emma, welcome to my website. I’m a PhD candidate in ASPECT and instructor in the Political Science department at Virginia Tech. My research is interdisciplinary, spanning political theory, continental philosophy and STS. My dissertation addresses the epistemic impact of digital technology by exploring the use of qualitative, non-digital methods in psychedelic drug research. […]

writing warnings

[0] Fact: writing is made of words, not ideas. [1] “Nothing is like an idea so much as an idea” — Bishop Berkeley [2] Fact: writing, ideas, and content all refer to different entities. [3] “I myself prefer an Argentine fantasy. God did not create a Book of Nature of the old sorts Europeans imagined. He wrote […]