Emma Stamm
Curriculum Vitae | last updated May 2019
Ph.D. Candidate, ASPECT: The Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural Thought
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
202 Major Williams Hall (0192)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Academic Appointments

Current: Instructor of Record and Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Political Science. Teaching Spring 2019 course “Introduction to Political Theory.”
2016 — 2018: Instructor of Record and Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Religion and Culture. Courses taught include “Introduction to Arts and Humanities: Becoming Modern” (Spring 2017; Fall 2017; Spring 2018). Courses assisted include “Religion and Culture in Asia” (Fall 2016).


2015. M.S. in Nonprofit Management awarded by The New School University. Completed degree with professional development report on nonprofit new media and technology initiatives. Graduated magna cum laude.
2011. B.A. in Literature awarded by Bard College. Completed degree with capstone project on the fictions of Jorge Luis Borges and philosophy of George Berkeley.


Primary: Critical Data Studies; Political Theory; Continental Philosophy; Media Theory; Digital Humanities

Cognate: Philosophy of Technology; Internet Studies; Philosophy of Science; Critical Epistemology; Cultural Studies

Honors and Fellowships

2018 — 2019. TU-Darmstadt Winter Semester Stipendium awarded by DAAD, The German Academic Exchange Service

2018 — current. 2018-2019 ASPECT Dissertation Research Fellowship

2017— 2018. Graduate Diversity Fellowship awarded by Virginia Polytechnic and State University

2016 — current. Graduate Teaching Assistantship awarded by Virginia Polytechnic and State University

2013—2015. Merit Scholarship awarded by The New School University

Conference Activities

2019 (forthcoming). Presenting “Psychedelic Science, Digital Automation and Risk” at Computer Ethics-Philosophical Enquiry, Norfolk, Virginia. 28-30 May.

2019 (forthcoming). Presenting “Psychedelic Research Methods and The Epistemic Limits of Machines” at the Twenty-First Biannual Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. 20-22 May.

2019. Presented “Acid Feminism: Psychedelic Dimensions of Gender Performativity” at Gender, Bodies and Technology, at the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, VA. 25-27 March.

2019. Presented “Machine Learning and The Algorithmic Cancellation Of The Future” at the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association, at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego, California. 18-20 April.

2019. Presented “Algorithmic Determinacy and Interpretative Psychedelic Science” at Rethinking Otherness In The Age of Neoliberalism, at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. 21-23 March.

2018. Presented “Psychedelic Science and The Question of Artificial Intelligence” at Intelligent Futures: Automation, AI and Cognitive Ecologies, at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. 2 October.

2018. Presented “Encountering Aliens: Digital Verfremdungseffekt and The Theater of the Self” at Subjectivity and Digital Culture, TU-Dresden, Dresden, Germany. 7 September.

2018. Presented “The Unthinkable: Data, Mentality and Politics” at The Human Futures and Intelligent Machines Summit, Blacksburg, VA. 9 June.

2018. Invited panelist on “Bot Phenomenology” track at Theorizing The Web, Queens, NY. 27 April.

2018. Presented “Psychedelic Science and Data Positivism” at Doing
Interdisciplinarity: The 2018 ASPECT Conference. Blacksburg, VA. 23 March.

2017—2018. Committee member for Doing Interdisciplinarity: The 2018 ASPECT Conference,Blacksburg, VA.

2017. Presented “The Electric Kool Aid Turing Test: Psychedelic Data Encounters The Machine” at Digital Culture and Communication section of ECREA 2017 Conference, Brighton University, Brighton UK. 7 November.

2017. Presented “Vita Obscura: Obfuscating Biopower” at the 2017 Infosocial Graduate Research Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston IL. 8 April.

2017. Presented “Tactics For Cybernetic Sovereignty” at Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics in Fractured Times: The 2017 ASPECT Conference, Virginia Tech. 31 March.

2016. Presented “Block Party People: Off The (Bitcoin) Chain.” Theorizing the Web, Queens, New York. 22 April.

2015. Presented “Wait, What? Interface Hacks As Awareness-Raising Tools.” Theorizing The Web, New York, NY. 15 April.

2015. Presented “We Are All Anonymous: Beyond Hacktivist Stereotypes” at Representations of Resistance: The 2015 ASPECT Conference, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA. 21 March.


“Psychedelic Technology, Blockchain Woes and Meta Set and Setting: A Conversation with Emma Stamm, pt. II,” published in The Psychedelic Times 19 December 2018

“Psychedelic Science, Ontological Mystery and Political Ideology: A Conversation with Emma Stamm, pt. I,” published in The Psychedelic Times 17 December 2018


“Present Perfect: How Chats and Live Streams Help Us Consume ‘Real Time’ As A Commodity,’ published in Real Life Mag, 9 May 2019

“Everyone Alive Wants Answers,” published in Tears In The Fence #69, March 2019

Review of McKenzie Wark’s General Intellects: Twenty-One Thinkers for the Twenty-First Century, published in Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, 11 February 2019

Review of Andrew Feenberg’s Technosystem: The Social Life of Reason, published in Humanities and Technology Review vol. 37, 6 November 2018

“Ordinary Doses: New Research Into Psychedelic Drugs is Constrained by Technological Solutionism,” published in Real Life Magazine, 4 October 2018

“Dimensionality Curses,” published in Oasis Journal vol. 3, 30 May 2018

Review of Ashley Shew’s Animal Constructions and Technical Knowledge, published in Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective, 18 January 2018

“Immortal Techniques” published in The New Inquiry, 21 December 2017

“Obfuscating Biopolitics: A Theoretical Primer for Cyborgs and Other Concerned Citizens” published in 2600, The Hacker Quarterly, October 2017

“Arizona Congressman Supports Blockchain ‘Revolution’ At DC Summit”
published in Coindesk, 4 March 2016

“Building A Cultural Dialogue Around The Permanent, Blockchain Web” published in Model View Culture, 25 July 2016

“Ball and( Block)chain: How I Became My Own Best Research Case” published in Cyborgology, 14 April 2016

“We Are All Anonymous: Beyond Hacktivist Stereotypes” published in SPECTRA (The ASPECT Journal), 31 August 2015

“404 Error: Big Confusion — What Is An Interface Hack, Anyway?” published in Cyborgology, 16 April 2015

“The Crimson Ghost” published in The New Inquiry, 18 June 2015

“R00tz Asylum is Teaching Kids To Become Hackers (And That’s A Good Thing)”
published in The Toolbox, 26 September 2014

“Why Web Accessibility For Everyone is Vital For Business” published in The Toolbox, August 2014


“The Electric Kool-Aid Turing Test: Psychedelics, Phenomenology and Automated Intelligence” (academic article under review)


2019: Editor, SPECTRA: The ASPECT Journal

2019: Reviewer, Journal of Digital Media & Policy

2018: Editor-elect, SPECTRA: The ASPECT Journal

2017—2018. Member, Search and Hiring Committee for position in Cultural Theory / Digital Media Studies, Virginia Tech Department of Religion and Culture

2017. Reviewer, SPECTRA: The ASPECT Journal

Technical Skills

HTML; CSS; Javascript (beginner); Python (beginner); Linux administration;
website building; web design; web accessibility; WordPress; Twitter Bootstrap; Microsoft SPSS; Microsoft Excel; Adobe Creative Suite. Expertise in writing on blockchain technology, machine learning and web protocols for general audiences.

Professional Memberships

2018—current. ICA, The International Communication Association

2016—current. AoIR, The Association of Internet Researchers