One week after arriving. The worst piece of advice I got for Germany is that language isn’t a problem because everyone speaks English. You hear it all the time in the states. It’s not true.

The second worst is that people are reserved. That’s also false. I don’t understand them, of course, so I wish I could let myself believe that the strangers who approach me are always being friendly. I’m too cynical to assume they’re not sometimes just judging me.

Regarding language differences, I think I like broken German more than Germans like broken English


I took these next 2 photos in my home district. Appealingly ungentrified and unpopular with tourists, very pretty, but it smells like New Jersey. I have no problem with the rats in the river but wish I could better handle bad urban aromas and tobacco smoke —  can confirm that German cliché.


Daily pain, and I’m not into recalibrating my senses. (All the USA stereotypes are true, like the smoke gets to me).

I think this first travelogue will also be the last one. Don’t really want to write about my real life, but posts about research forthcoming.


Writing tweets; thinking in pull quotes; drunk brocialists; disappointment, faintly suggested but fully registered; hangovers; Puerto Rico; superhero movies; Elon Musk; Bitcoin boosters; union busters; the treacly-precious task of recuperating “dignity;” being a good sport; tawny blonde highlights; forgetting how to offend; being forgotten; forgetting faces but not conversations; losing your religion; enjoying yourself more when you realize you’re enjoying yourself; bug bites; the tradeoff between pure erotic fantasy and spontaneous honesty; stuttering; politically incorrect lucid dreams; the jokes that don’t land; the jokes that land too much; the agora of protein bars; New York, NY.

I’ll think of more later.

Just remembered this great joke from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy:

PREFECT: You should prepare yourself for the jump into hyperspace; it’s unpleasantly like being drunk.

ARTHUR: What’s so unpleasant about being drunk?

PREFECT: Just ask a glass of water.

At one point I was in the habit of writing and producing music on an almost-daily basis. It’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to regular religious worship.

The lyrics of the second song are taken from an epigraph to this graphic novel.


“I knew two things to be true of your world

here and there, there and here
there and here, here and there

And that I stood Here at all times —
I knew it.

When I realized the two were whole
I lost sight of the boundaries of my home.”


Yesterday: five hours slicing through apocalyptic gales with my car, listening to Tom Zé and Bill Hicks comedy, around 8PM landed in Baltimore for the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference.

Coming up:

The 22nd-25th of March: Doing Interdisciplinarity, the 2018 ASPECT Conference at Virginia Tech. I will be giving a talk titled “Psychedelic Research and Data Positivism.”

10 April I will be at the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers in New Orleans, giving a presentation on a similar subject. The title is titled “The Electric Kool-Aid Turing Test: How Psychedelic Research Challenges Data Positivism.” The abstract is here.

13 April I am hosting this event at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech. (And I’m still looking for participants, hint hint…)

27-28 April is Theorizing the Web 2018, I am an invited participant on a panel called “Bot Phenomenology: What it means to exist with technology, and what it means to exist as technology.”

Somewhere in there I’ll be traveling to Dallas for a wedding and turning one year older. And hopefully by the semester’s end, defending a dissertation proposal.

Wrote this song when I was 17 — still haven’t figured out how to play it the way it sounds in my head.

new publication

This came out in the print edition last month and was unpaywalled this week. Immortal Techniques: 23AndMe Makes The Human Body Immortal At Last. Data, biopolitics, Eugene Thacker, Henrietta Lacks, genomic science, technocapitalist domination, deathlessness and more: