the data-image

This was my presentation for SPT2021, the biennial meetings of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. See here for the abstract; note that the talk doesn’t follow the particular sequence of ideas in the same order. A few things I didn’t mention in the talk: first, the data-image effectively reverses the theory of thought Deleuze lays out… Continue reading the data-image


Capitalism has produced a class of people rich enough to avoid domestic commitments. I get it. To accept others as family is to shack up with death. The day I got engaged I fixated on one of us burying the other. That’s why today’s elite prefer the primordial monotony of Mars over familiar but perpetually… Continue reading grieving

acid communism as radical realism

I have a lot of thoughts about acid communism and not a lot of time to write. Here’s something brief inspired by Ajay Singh Chaudhary’s essay “Left-Wing Hypomania,” a call for realism in light of the new post-Trump bloodless optimism: “From uncertain celebration to fluctuating fixation, it is our inner depressive realists, our exhaustive selves, speaking… Continue reading acid communism as radical realism

computational intelligence

Last week I was interviewed for a podcast. The first thing the host asked me: “what questions drive your research?” Like any good question, it was hard to answer, and I’m afraid I fumbled the response. Right now I’m reading Florian Jaton’s new book The Constitution of Algorithms (available for free here). Chapter III accounts for the historical sedimentation… Continue reading computational intelligence

interview on psychedelic times

I was interviewed by the website Psychedelic Times This is part I. Not sure what the editors will put in part II but I think it’ll include more specific information about computer science.