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These conversations unfold across a variety of registers, from dedications, quotations, and direct address to visionary conjurings of another poet’ s presence. Here is one such nexus, extracted from Mara Larrosa’ s poem ‘For Mario Santiago’ and Santiago Papasquiaro’ s untitled poem beginning ‘Mariana Larrosa appears’ ## Larrosa: We have all been calling each other with the noise of totally open mouths believing that each one of us from […]

death fetish

Yesterday morning I came close to crying because I remembered a fond, long-lost item of clothing. A dark blue dress with tiny stars all over it. Spaghetti straps, waist tie, floor length. Hippie wear. I wore it a lot the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I used to believe only good […]

interview on psychedelic times

  Psychedelic Science, Ontological Mystery, and Political Ideology: A Conversation with Emma Stamm   This is part I. Not sure what the editors will put in part II but I think it’ll include some anecdotes from my ill-fated romance with blockchain technology (2015-2017  R I P). Some of the information isn’t 100% correct, like my […]

goth still matters

My favorite essay from the k-punk book is online! (Exclamation point because it’s so good!) A brief, dumb interpretation: goth exhibitionism denies interiority to the nth degree. Goth is interchangeable with signs and machines — it’s pure surface, sign value exchange and spectacle. Goth is an aesthetics based on the rejection of false illumination. […]

freedom from the known

Technology and science are valves for economic production. They can’t be the guiding themes of the content which is supposed to fuel our imagination for the future. Some of my thoughts on this are a little woowoo. I really believe there exist imaginative realms which, on one hand, contain nothing resembling the known universe, but […]

acid communism

Yet another mainstream news article about Silicon Valley’s fetish for microdosing LSD. I’m kind of sick of hearing about this trend. (Article posted here only for the sake of reference; see thumbnail below). Meanwhile I’ve been getting more into Mark Fisher, reading Ghosts Of My Life for the first time. I just learned that at […]