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interview on psychedelic times

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I was interviewed by the website Psychedelic Times This is part I. Not sure what the editors will put in part II but I think it’ll include more specific information about computer science.

Recent Writing in The New Inquiry

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This came out in the print edition last month and was unpaywalled this week. Immortal Techniques: 23AndMe Makes The Human Body Immortal At Last. Immortal Techniques

Book Review: Animal Constructions and Technical Knowledge

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Published in the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective: https://social-epistemology.com/2018/01/18/retooling-the-human-emma-stamm/

on writing

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From this

health talk

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Starting from no fixed place I soon came, while preparing this paper for a foreign society, to my surprise, to the right not to communicate. This was a protest from the core of me to the frightening fantasy of being infinitely exploited. In another language this would be the fantasy of being eaten or swallowed […]


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Hello! I’m Emma Stamm. Welcome to my website. I’m a PhD candidate in ASPECT and instructor in the Political Science department at Virginia Tech. My research is interdisciplinary, spanning political theory, continental philosophy and STS. My dissertation addresses the epistemic impact of computation by exploring the use of digital methods in research on psychedelic drugs. […]

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I’m not updating this a lot, but I’m doing things. Not into the idea that we need to appear constantly¬†productive, engaged, profit-making, etc, either online or in the physical world. But for¬†some reason I’m still compelled every now and then to check in to this site and make some sort of official declaration that I’m […]

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after life

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“The invention of the Morse alphabet in 1837 was promptly followed by the tapping specters of spiritistic seances sending their messages from the realm of the dead. Promptly as well, photographic plates-even and especially those taken with the camera shutter closed-furnished reproductions of ghosts or specters, whose black-and-white fuzziness only served to underscore the promise […]