review of “general intellects”

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My review of McKenzie Wark’s General Intellects: Twenty-One Thinkers for the Twenty-First Century is available at this link.

on elephant skin: critical data studies and political economy

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Something I wrote for Virginia Tech’s Institute for Policy and Governance. It’s about why a computational definition of “data” is necessary to understand the relationship between new media/digital technology and political economy — drawing mostly from Wendy Chun, but also McKenzie Wark, Joanna Zylinska and Sarah Kember. Link here.  

new publication

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“Ordinary Doses” at Real Life Mag

2017 ASPECT Conference Call for Papers

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My doctoral program has released the call for papers for its annual conference — see below: *** Across disciplinary boundaries, the 2017 ASPECT graduate conference seeks to address articulations of aesthetics, politics, and ethics within contested temporalities. Graduate students of any level and irrespective of disciplinary affiliation are encouraged to submit abstracts of approximately 300 words based on […]