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An original tale of love and machine learning. PDF >> “Dimensionality Curses” Published by Oasis Journal, a project of Holum Press.

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Just remembered this great joke from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy: PREFECT: You should prepare yourself for the jump into hyperspace; it’s unpleasantly like being drunk. ARTHUR: What’s so unpleasant about being drunk? PREFECT: Just ask a glass of water.

on writing

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after life

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“The invention of the Morse alphabet in 1837 was promptly followed by the tapping specters of spiritistic seances sending their messages from the realm of the dead. Promptly as well, photographic plates-even and especially those taken with the camera shutter closed-furnished reproductions of ghosts or specters, whose black-and-white fuzziness only served to underscore the promise […]


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“I’ve invented nothing; I’ve simply been the secretary of my sensations” — Emil Cioran

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Gayatri Spivak on J.M. Coetzee: “It is this particular ambivalence in poems that seems exciting for this translator to access, as she makes the mistake of thinking the named subject is she. Thus the ambivalence seems to offer a codicil to that bit in Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians that she had so liked: how […]


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“Magic is bloody untruth, but in it domination is not yet disclaimed by transforming itself into a pure truth underlying the world which it enslaves. The magician imitates demons; to frighten or placate them he makes intimidating or appeasing gestures. Although his task was impersonation he did not claim to be made in the image […]